Friday, 16 September 2011


Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and just post!

I worried endlessly about having "everything" right before I made a post on this my first ever blog, when I realised that it was more important to actually post, so I did.

Some of my goals for this year were to be regularly coloring with my copics, creating cards with them and entering them in internet challenges, together with posting on my blog. So my firsts are coloring for challenges and posting here, and I'm so proud I've taken the first steps.

Here are my first two entries to card/coloring challenges.

It's 'PURPLE' week at Make it Colorful. I would have been happier if I'd used some of the Make It Crafty digi's I've bought but I'm still to get the new laser printer working (yes, I know, more things I need to do) so instead I've colored up two of my lovely La la land girls 'Formal Marci' and 'Ballerina Marci'. These are lovely stamps for beginners to color, lots of clean lines and not too many fiddly bits. I seem to be collecting La la's like others collect Magnolia stamps.

Make it Colorful Challenge - Purple (entry 1)
 Thanks to Zoe at Make It Crafty for the fabulous video tutorial on pleats, without which this dress wouldn't have looked nearly so good!  I am still having a little trouble with a highlight line on my hair but I know  it's a technique that just needs more practice. Note to self - don't practice facial contouring with dark skin colors, the result is obvious.

Make it Colorful Challenge - Purple (entry 2)
With Ballerina Marci all the reading and watching I'd done on flicking/feathering techniques became clear. I'm renouned for being heavy handed and rushing like a bull at a gate when attempting anything - well I was before I injured my neck/back - and learning the 'circle blending' method of coloring with copics encouraged me to be pretty hard on the tip of my markers, only now do I realise that what I thought was little strokes wasnt! My new V markers being untouched were SO much easier to use feathering than my poor old E markers! Looks like I owe myself a few replacement nibs, it will make my skin and hair contouring much easier.

It's now tomorrow but my sleep will be easy after making this first step. Now I just have to get these two uploaded into the MiC Challenge Gallery.  Tomorrow I will make the girls up into cards.